July 13, 2020
is the Day of National Mourning
in the Republic of Kazakhstan
Akim's administration
of Zhetysu district
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РК, 050050, Almaty,
Serikov st. , 2a
e-mail: site.zhetysu@a-a.kz
Telephone +7 (727) 384-27-60
Trust line: 384-27-66
24 hour hotline and WhatsApp:
+7 700 384 27 60

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Social services SOCIAL SERVICES

Society of the disabled of Zhetysu district

Society of the disabled of Zhetysu district was formed on 19 November 1988.

    T.M. Larikova was elected as chairman at the foundation conference. As of the date of society formation about 100disabled with disease of locomotor system was a part of it.

    N.T. Druzhinina was elected as a chairman of the society in 2000. As of today 650 people are registered in the society.

    Annually society of the disabled of Zhetysu district carries out sport events among disabled with disease of locomotor system and renders assistance in job placement. At present ten people work at home as a dispatcher and telephone advertising agent. Members of the society are being sent at different course including computer jointly District Employment and Social Programm Department.   
   The society is engaged in organization of leisure of its members. In summer they move to outsides: Issyk lake, Kapchagai water storage, Zhambul Museum and others.

    Festive events are being conducted by the society as:  International Children’s Day New Year Party, Women’s Day and others.

      Legal address:  30 Abylai khan Av. apart.41, ph.2732937.
      Working hours: from 10:00 to 17:00. Reception day: Tuesday.